The Art of Learning and Manifesting Your True Potential

The Winning Helix

Coach yourself and others to win!


“The key responsibility for a leader or a coach is to create a process that prepares to win. She or he must be able to establish, sustain and renew the dynamics of winning and to mobilize the energy of the team and individual players to make a winning match between them and the constantly changing situations.”

- Cristina Andersson
The Author of the Winning Helix


”What a brilliant book you wrote. The Winning Helix is a fascinating combination of science and vulnerability. It took such courage to quote your own process in your singing. I am a huge fan of your dazzling heart and mind.”


- Eli Davidson,

- Author of the From Funky to Fabulous, Speaker, Coach


Together with her coach and co-author Collin Hansen, Cristina gives understanding to the growing pains and joy of changes in our lives; however the book is more than pure theory. It is witnessing Cristina's learning experience so that you can mirror your own in it, for all moments in these phases, and for sure with jubilating success as your guiding image


- Rainer W. Leonprechting

Strategy And Leadership Coach In European Commission


”This just may be one of the most important books on self-development that you will read.” 

- Christina Rowe
Author of the Seven Secrets to a Successful
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