A Thrive Good Company

Develor was founded in 1990. The company started as a training provider but it grew quickly into a consulting agency offering consulting in different areas of strategic learning and process consulting. The customers were mainly Finnish industrial companies. The experiences of the consulting programs were published in the book The Winning Helix.


Today Develor is in a forefront of development in robotics and artificial intelligence. We offer think tank services, speeches and lectures as well as consulting services to understand and make benefit from the this revolutionary megatrend. Our customers are ministries, companies, educational organizations as well as parliaments in Finland and in the EU.



Our aim is to contribute to a human development of robotization. We see that the emerging and exponential technologies can and will bring about many opportunities to better the world. It also contains a risk of humans left behind. The book BohoBusiness


that was written by the Cristina Andersson, the founder of the company, is a manifesto for humans thriving together with advanced robotics.

We are interested in discussing leadership, the future and your organization’s challenges. Please do not hesitate to..